Weezer shares ’The Kitchen Tape’ version of “My Name Is Jonas”

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In honor of the 30th anniversary of the Blue Album, Weezer has officially released The Kitchen Tape version of “My Name Is Jonas.”

The Kitchen Tape refers to the demo Rivers Cuomo and company recorded ahead of putting together their 1994 debut effort.

“The Blue Album was Weezer‘s first album of course, but it wasn’t their first attempt at making an album,” the group says. “Check out this recording of ‘My Name Is Jonas’ from what became known as The Kitchen Tape recorded in the summer of 1992 at our home/rehearsal space in West LA. Most of the self produced Kitchen Tape songs have never been officially released, including this song.”

You can listen to the Kitchen Tape version of “My Name Is Jonas” streaming now on YouTube.

The Blue Album, which is technically self-titled but has long taken on the name inspired by the hue of its cover artwork, was released May 10, 1994 — 30 years ago Friday. Weezer will launch a U.S. tour celebrating the anniversary in September.

Weezer also teases a “special release” to mark the milestone. “More on that soon,” they say.

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