SHAED’s Chelsea Lee feels “so much more inspiration” from motherhood

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SHAED has long been a family affair: The trio includes married couple Chelsea Lee and Spencer Ernst, plus Spencer’s twin, Max Ernst. That family got even larger when Chelsea and Spencer welcomed their first child, daughter June, in 2022. Chelsea will now celebrate Mother’s Day while pregnant with their second.

Speaking to ABC Audio about how parenthood has changed her approach to music, Lee shares, “I think it absolutely changed every aspect of me, personally.”

“I think that it just gives you just so much more inspiration,” Lee says. “It’s like a different topic for songwriting, and I think it’s been a really wonderful kind of transition and next chapter.”

“It’s like you know that this person that you love so much will be hearing the music too,” Spencer adds. “It just opens you up to other songs that you wouldn’t necessarily write before you have a kid. And then you also don’t wanna write about certain things anymore that just don’t resonate with you.”

Even if they’re in a band with hit songs like “Trampoline,” Chelsea and Spencer are still daunted by one thing all parents struggle with.

“She’s gotta think we’re cool,” Lee laughs. “Yeah, that’s a challenge,” Spencer says. 

SHAED will release a new album, Spinning Out, on June 14.

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