“Still Waiting” no longer: Sum 41 brings farewell tour to the US

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Sum 41‘s final tour comes to the U.S. starting Friday, April 19, in Omaha, Nebraska. The international trek kicked off earlier in 2024 in Asia, and front man Deryck Whibley‘s found that he’s had to “remind myself that this is a final tour” during the shows.

“You just get back out onstage and you just do what you do, and I forget,” Whibley tells ABC Audio. “It’ll be the end of the show and I’ll be thanking people and be like, ‘We’ll see you next time!’ I’m like, ‘Oh wait! Sorry, no we won’t! Thank you for everything!'”

After the final note of the night rings out, that’s when all of the feelings truly kick in.

“I do see some people who are really emotional at the very end when it is all over and we’re throwing picks out and waving and saying goodbye,” Whibley says. “We’ll stay out onstage for a good five minutes and try to wave and say goodbye to as many people as you can, and that’s when you start to realize people are really emotional.”

Sum 41 also released a final album, Heaven :x: Hell, in March. Whibley says you can probably expect to hear “a couple” of Heaven :x: Hell tracks during the set in between all the classics that “people really want to see.”

“Especially on a final tour, we’re not gonna just go play all of the new record and, like, four old songs,” he laughs. “We’re trying to play a little bit of everything from every record.”

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