The Branden Baby

Branden from The X decides to walk a mile (or nine months) in his pregnant partner Sarah’s shoes. With Sarah’s due date for baby Kala Lu approaching, Branden dons a pregnancy suit to experience the daily struggles firsthand. What ensues is a hilarious series of tasks that quickly humble the confident dad-to-be. From comically struggling to get on a barstool to dramatically flailing while picking things up off the floor, Branden’s perception of pregnancy gets a reality check. The real kicker comes when he attempts to put on shoes and do laundry with his new pregnant physique.

By the end, a thoroughly worn-out Branden has newfound respect for the tremendous effort pregnancy demands. Sarah can barely contain her amusement at the eye-opening experience. Though doubting his ability to make it through an entire load of laundry, they can both agree the preparations have been an enlightening rehearsal for their upcoming “watermelon” arrival.

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