SHAED details sophomore album, ’Spinning Out’


SHAED has announced a new album called Spinning Out.

The sophomore full-length effort from the “Trampoline” trio will arrive June 14. It includes the previously released song “Everybody Knows I’m High.” A second cut, “Rocket in the Sky,” is out now via digital outlets.

“We produced [‘Rocket in the Sky’] out in a bunch of different ways in LA, including a disco version, think ‘Staying Alive,’ ‘Dancing Queen’ energy,” SHAED says. “When we got back to DC, we listened back to the original demo and just felt that it had this unrestrained emotional performance by [vocalist] Chelsea [Lee] that couldn’t be replicated. So we kept the original demo, layered in a few elements to build the energy of the tune, and printed it.”

Spinning Out is the follow-up to 2021’s High Dive. Here’s the track list:

“We Live We Die”
“Maybe I Don’t Know How”
“Palm Trees”
“Everybody Knows I’m High”
“Rocket in the Sky”
“You Stole My Favorite Song”
“By Myself”
“Spinning Out”
“Love Is Painful”
“Everybody Knows I’m High (bedroom version)”

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