The Revivalists’ David Shaw shares new solo song, “Alabama”

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The Revivalists frontman David Shaw has shared a new solo song called “Alabama.”

Shaw wrote the track in support of reproductive rights following the Alabama Supreme Court’s ruling in February that frozen embryos are legally considered children. Shaw sings in the lyrics, “Alabama, you’re breaking my heart.”

“Music has always been, and always will be at its core a way for people to come together over a common love and bond,” Shaw says. “It’s the great communicator. It reaches the heart of the unreachable and voice of the unspeakable. It has the distinct ability to pierce the heart of the hardened. ‘Alabama’ was written to be a beacon of awareness for what’s going on in the South and our beloved country.”

Shaw adds that he “adore[s] living in the South,” but that “sometimes it can feel like you’re swinging upstream without a paddle with an 800-pound gorilla on your back.”

“It’s hard and it hurts to realize where we are and how far we have to go to reach some sort of common ground and understanding,” he says. “We’re divided in so many ways but bodily autonomy and reproductive rights for women shouldn’t be one of them. We’ve got to stand up and come together on this. I’m hoping with some action we can find a way forward together. I love you all.”

“Alabama” is out now via digital outlets.

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