Julian Casablancas’ The Voidz releases new song, “All the Same”

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Julian CasablancasThe Strokes side project The Voidz has released a new song called “All the Same.”

The track is one of several one-off tunes The Voidz has put out over the past couple years, including 2023’s “Flexorcist,” “Prophecy of the Dragon” and “American Way.” The group’s most recent album is 2018’s Virtue. If you’re wondering whether a follow-up is in the works, well, perhaps you can decipher this cryptic statement written by Casablancas and company in a press release.

“Does the sacred art known as ‘the album’ still hold sway over the covetous gaze of the body electric?” the statement reads. “Does it stir the quills of old and capture the fleeting attention of the people? Or if one packs the press release of a single track (surrounded by enough other accouterments), does it elicit the same anticipation and excitement?” 

It continues, “A wager among the titans ensued, marked by the exchange of crypto, and now dear reader, this is where you find yourself as part of the discourse….. what say you?”

While you try to figure that out, you can listen to “All the Same” via digital outlets. It’s also set to be featured in an upcoming movie called Drugstore June.

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