Surviving Sublime members discover “vault of unfinished tracks” from late Bradley Nowell

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Sublime has reformed with original members Eric Wilson and Bud Gaugh alongside Jakob Nowell, the son of late frontman Bradley Nowell. Speaking with Rolling Stone, Gaugh shares that while the trio doesn’t plan to write any new music, they could release material based on unreleased compositions left behind by Bradley.

“We’ve discovered a vault of unfinished tracks … and there’s a plethora of stuff,” Gaugh says. “Anytime we had a tape machine, it was constantly recording.”

In the meantime, Sublime will be performing at Coachella in April. As Bradley died just before the release of Sublime’s hit 1996 self-titled album, he never had the chance to perform his band’s biggest songs to such a large audience.

“My dad never got to step on that stage, man,” Jakob says, referring to his role in Sublime as “custodial.” “My dad never got to sing those songs in front of an audience that big, at Coachella, of people who adore him and his sound and his message. If you were a father, what would you want? And I know what I would want to have happen in that situation. So I have to do what I have to do.”

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