Listen to Bad Wolves’ new single, “Knife,” featuring new full-time band member

Bad Wolves have released their new single, “Knife,” with a new lineup.

In addition to lead vocalist Daniel “DL” Laskiewicz, the track features scream vocals from vocalist and guitarist AJ Rebollo, who played guitar with the band during their shows with Bush in the winter of 2023. Rebello has now been made a full-time band member.

“Feels good to be able to be the kind of band that one day works on a ballad and the next works on a song that is this heavy,” DL says in a statement. “Sometimes it’s fun to ‘prove’ that you can still write an a** beater. It’s exciting to be able to incorporate another powerful dynamic into Bad Wolves arsenal with AJ’s vocal style and riffs.”

“I’m very stoked that I’ve been given the opportunity of joining up with the legends in Bad Wolves,” AJ says, adding, “Each and every one of these guys brings something to the table that I’ve looked up to for many years …Cheers to the future!”

Bad Wolves’ most recent album is 2023’s Die About It.

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