Director of Thom Yorke’s new film scoring project: “We were…looking for something that sounded a bit off”

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A movie that Radiohead‘s Thom Yorke composed the soundtrack to, originally called Confidenza, is now going by the name Trust, according to Variety.

The movie, which will screen at the Rotterdam Film Festival, is directed by Italian director Daniele Luchetti and is based on the novel Confidenza. It’s about a teacher who works in a Roman high school and becomes romantically involved with a former student.

Luchetti tells Variety, “It’s the story of a man who, for his entire life, finds himself trapped between a fear of love and a love of fear.” He tapped Yorke for the project after they worked together on a documentary about Italian ballet icon Carla Fracci: The Radiohead frontman gave him some tracks he’d done with his former band Atoms for Peace.

“We had done this weird pairing of classical music with these tracks. At the end of this work I asked Thom if he wanted to write the score for a film,” Luchetti recalls. Yorke said he didn’t have a lot of time, but he agreed to send Luchetti some pieces of music after he read the screenplay.

The two then worked together on the project, using the dailies from Trust to inspire them. “We were constantly searching for something that sounded a bit off,” Luchetti explains.

The score is described as a combination of classical orchestra, jazz orchestra and a “substantial electronic component.

Trust marks Yorke’s second film score, following his work on 2018’s Suspiria. He and Radiohead bandmate Jonny Greenwood, himself a prolific film composer, are releasing a new album with their side project The Smile on Friday, January 26. Wall of Eyes is the follow-up to The Smile’s 2022 debut, A Light for Attracting Attention.


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