Yellowcard announces new album of reworked songs with ambient duo Hammock

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Yellowcard has announced a new album called A Hopeful Sign in collaboration with ambient duo Hammock.

The upcoming record, due out February 9, features reworked versions of the “Ocean Avenue” outfit’s past songs, which, as a press release puts it, “reimagines them in a neo-classical and ambient space, deconstructing the songs and rebuilding them as a whole new aural experience.”

“Yellowcard is in a new place where we are collaborating with other artists more than ever before,” says frontman Ryan Key. “I have found Hammock in my top three most played artists every year for nearly a decade now. Hammock are one of the defining and most pioneering artists in the post rock and ambient space. We have taken so much inspiration from their work over the years so first becoming friends, and then unexpectedly getting to work together on new music were dreams come true.”

For a preview of A Hopeful Sign, you can listen to the reworked version of “Ocean Avenue” now via digital outlets.

A Hopeful Sign follows Yellowcard’s 2023 reunion EP, Childhood Eyes. The band just performed the Childhood Eyes song “The Places We’ll Go” and “Ocean Avenue” on ABC’s Good Morning America.

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