Paramore covering Talking Heads for upcoming ‘Stop Making Sense’ tribute album

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While there’s been a lot of mystery around Paramore lately, we now know at least one thing that they’re up to.

Hayley Williams and company are set to appear on a tribute to Stop Making Sense, the iconic Talking Heads concert film and live album. The project is being put together by the entertainment company A24, which released a new theatrical restoration of Stop Talking Sense in 2023.

In a Facebook post, A24 has shared a video of Williams opening a package containing Talking Heads frontman David Byrne‘s oversized suit, which he famously wore in Stop Making Sense. The clip ends with a snippet of Paramore covering “Burning Down the House.”

There’s no word yet on when the tribute album will be released, other than that Paramore’s cover is “coming soon.”

If you’ve heard Paramore’s latest album, This Is Why, then you know the band members are big Talking Heads fans. Upon meeting Byrne backstage at a concert in 2023, Paramore shared, “Truly an honor to meet one of our greatest musical inspirations. He liked our show and we’ll never shut up about it.”

As for that aforementioned mystery, Paramore wiped all of their social media in December, replacing their profile pictures with the default grey images. They then pulled out of a radio festival at the last minute due to “unforeseen circumstances.”

That all came after a December Uproxx interview with Paramore, which reported that they have completed their current record contract and are “effectively free agents.”

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