Scott Stapp: Sounds of ‘Higher Power’ solo album will “shock some people”

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Scott Stapp previewed his upcoming solo album, Higher Power, with its heavy, hard-rocking title track. However, the Creed frontman tells ABC Audio that the song “Higher Power” isn’t necessarily representative of the album’s sound as a whole.

“This record is a very diverse record with very different palettes,” Stapp shares.

“I think it’s gonna shock some people with the different styles that are on the record,” he adds. “You may think by hearing this song [‘Higher Power’] that it’s just gonna be a heavy, nu-era metal-driven rock record, but that’s far from the case.”

The variety of sonics on the Higher Power album reflect the ebbs and flows of the “journey” of the record, which Stapp says tells a “specific story from the first song to the last.”

“I bookended the album with the message that’s in ‘Higher Power,’ and then told the journey that happened in between,” he says.

Higher Power will be released March 15. Along with the title track, the album features the songs “What I Deserve” and “Black Butterfly.”

Meanwhile, Stapp is set to reunite with Creed for their first live shows in over 10 years, kicking off in April on the Summer of ’99 concert cruise.

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