“Overwhelmed” David Draiman shares story of reunion with missing puppy

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Dog lovers and metalheads alike sighed in relief when Disturbed frontman David Draiman was reunited with his lost golden retriever puppy, Charlotte, who’d gone missing from his Florida home several days ago. Now, Draiman has shared the story of how Charlotte was returned to him.

“Someone found her roaming around on my block,” Draiman writes in an Instagram post. “I figured out how she got out and have since remedied the problem … fool me once. She crossed the street and [the people who found her] got out of their car and grabbed her. They left signs all over the place about a lost dog.”

In a nice reminder that social media is not completely terrible all the time, a user spotted the signs and messaged Draiman, who then called the number listed.

“[I] asked if the dog was a 10-week-old golden retriever pup, they said yes,” Draiman shares. “They asked me what color her collar was. I said she didn’t have one. They said, ‘Good, that was a trick question, you caught it.'”

He continues, “They gave me their address, they lived maybe 10 minutes from me, and I showed up to their house and they opened the door and there was my baby.”

When Draiman asked what he could give as a reward, Charlotte’s finders “said all they wanted was maybe the couple hundred they spent on food and toys for the two days she had been with them,” which the “Down with the Sickness” rocker said he gladly reimbursed.

“I was overwhelmed,” Draiman says.

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