Biffy Clyro looking toward end of the year to “start formulating the next album”

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Biffy Clyro frontman Simon Neil has been busy with his new extreme metal project Empire State Bastard, but, as he tells ABC Audio, he’s “always got ideas swimming” for his main gig.

“I’ve got, like, 10 to 20 ideas to start with,” Neil shares. “We haven’t been in together to play music yet because I’m focusing on ESB, but my excitement about opening the dam for that is really good.”

Biffy’s most recent album is 2021’s The Myth of the Happily Ever After. And as excited as he is to start on a follow-up, Neil’s careful to open said dam, because, as he puts it, “Once we start that there’s gonna be no stopping.”

“So I’m kinda keeping that at bay mentally at the moment so that we can do this f****** heavy stuff [with ESB],” he says. “Then hopefully at the end of the year we’ll get in together, and start formulating the next album and see where we’re gonna go next.”

Empire State Bastard, which Neil formed with longtime live Biffy member Mike Vennart, released their debut album, Rivers of Heresy, in September. They’ll launch a European tour in November and have already started to work on more new music, if only so they can play longer sets.

“At the moment we’re at 45 minutes’ worth of music and then it’s, ‘Bye!'” Neil laughs.

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