Chad Kroeger powers through Nickelback show while dealing with voice issues

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A recent Nickelback concert came to halt due to frontman Chad Kroeger dealing with vocal issues.

While rocking the song “Animals” during a show in Maryland Heights, Missouri, a gravelly-sounding Kroeger stopped the performance before telling the audience that he “can’t do this.”

“I cannot sit here with a f****** absolutely destroyed throat and try to make it through this show and pretend like there’s nothing f****** wrong and take your f****** money, ’cause that is wrong,” Kroeger said in fan-shot footage posted to YouTube. “I’m having a hard time hitting f****** notes.”

Kroeger added that he’d gotten some medical help backstage, but the problem persisted.

“I cannot, in good conscience, stand up here and sing these f****** songs and have my voice crack and everything sound like s***,” he said. “It’s driving me f****** nuts. So, I’ll tell you what. I could give it my best, I could keep just trying. We could just blow the f***** out if you want to.”

After some onstage banter between bandmates, including guitarist Ryan Peake joking that he could handle lead vocals for the show, Kroeger eventually decided to restart the song.

“I’m just gonna give it all I got,” Kroeger said. He sang through the rest of the show.

Nickelback is currently on tour while supporting the band’s latest album, 2022’s Get Rollin’.

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