The Revivalists invite fans to “attach their own story” to new single, “Kid”

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The Revivalists‘ new single, “Kid,” has been climbing the charts, hitting the top three on Billboard‘s Alternative Airplay ranking. Though the band’s collective family has been expanding in recent years, the song isn’t addressed to one specific “kid.”

“In a non-condescending way, it’s being sort of paternalistic,” guitarist Zack Feinberg tells ABC Audio of “Kid’s” message. “If you’re talking to somebody, like, ‘Hey, kid,’ like, pat them on the back, in an encouraging way, in a really kind way.”

Frontman David Shaw feels that the openness of “Kid” allows listeners to “attach their own story a bit to it.”

“For me, for instance, it could be a letter to my past self,” Shaw explains. “It’s, like, ‘Hey, you’re gonna be OK just living your truth, live for the spirit of right now.'”

While that’s how Shaw may see the song now, that wasn’t exactly his original intention during the writing process.

“We don’t necessarily know where some of this comes from,” Shaw says. “It’s just an interesting thing that kinda just, like, happens.”

“Often times, I think, we figure some of this stuff out kind of, like, later, which is really interesting,” he adds. “It’s a part of the art I really cherish and love, I think.”

“Kid” is the lead single off The Revivalists’ upcoming album, Pour It Out into the Night, due out June 2.

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