Call him little Skywalker: Ghost’s Tobias Forge explains ’Star Wars’ influence on new Nameless Ghoul outfits

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If you’ve caught Ghost live recently, you may have noticed frontman Tobias Forge‘s backing band of Nameless Ghouls now have a new wardrobe. Instead of the usual horned demon masks, the Ghouls now sport a more steampunk, sci-fi look.

Speaking with Revolver, Forge reveals that the updated designs were partly inspired by a galaxy far, far away.

“As a Star Wars fan, I’ve always been into the Tusken Raiders and their sort of lifeless look,” Forge shares.

Mostly, Forge wanted the Ghouls to have a “militant look.”

“Any time you have people in uniform and in plural, you end up with a slight military vibe,” Forge says. “But I wanted to progress that from cult members to more like an army. So you have a little bit of [1930s] European there, and also old air-pilot helmets.”

Ghost released their new album, Impera, last month, which they supported with a U.S. tour alongside Volbeat. The band is currently on tour in Europe.

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