Halestorm reflects on 10 years of ’The Strange Case of…’: “It was a lot of partying that went on”

Halestorm in 2012; Scott Legato/Getty Images

Halestorm‘s 2012 sophomore album The Strange Case of… celebrates its 10th anniversary this Sunday, April 10. The RIAA Gold-certified record helped the Pennsylvania rockers break out with the Grammy-winning hit “Love Bites (So Do I),” as well as the singles “I Miss the Misery” and “Freak Like Me.”

Speaking with ABC Audio, frontwoman Lzzy Hale recalls the Strange Case era being “such an exciting time” for her and her band mates.

“We had already gotten through our first album cycle…which was more, like, wonder, and ‘I don’t know what’s gonna to happen! Is the world gonna like us, are we going to do this again?'” Hale shares. “I feel like Strange Case of… had a mission to it…we had a better idea of who was listening to us, what we wanted to do.”

Another important difference was the upgraded transportation for the Strange Case tour.

“It was our first time in a bus,” says guitarist Joe Hottinger. “We weren’t driving ourselves anymore. It was, like, ‘All right! This is amazing!’ We just went crazy for a few months, ’cause we were, like, ‘Yay, we’re on a bus, whee!'”

Hale laughs, “It was a lot of partying that went on.”

The duo remembers one time in particular having to wake up early for a midday festival set after a long night of partying to celebrate bassist Josh Smith‘s birthday.

“Our tour manager blasted in the bunk, like, ‘Guys, you’re on an hour!'” Hottinger recalls. “We’re, like, ‘What? Oh, my god, I forgot!'”

“It’s 99 degrees out and high noon and you’re gonna sweat it out!” he laughs.

Halestorm’s next album, Back from the Dead, drops May 6.

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