Corey Taylor’s new Slipknot mask turned into metal sticker

Avalon/PYMCA/Gonzales Photo/Terje Dokken/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Slipknot‘s Corey Taylor is here to help your Halloween costume even scarier.

The singer’s new mask, which he’s showcased live during the Knot’s current tour, has been turned into a metal sticker. And by “metal,” we aren’t being figurative.

“These gigantic stickers are printed on a brushed alloy substrate that gives it a strong, silver and eye-catching appearance,” reads the product description. “In pristine condition it reflects light and catches color…get it a little scuffed up and it starts to look even more alive.”

One sticker goes for $7.99, or you can get a three-pack for $19.99. You can order yours now via Slipknot member Sid Wilson‘s web store.

Taylor first debuted the new mask during Slipknot’s headlining Rocklahoma set last month. Being that the Slipknot members change up their masks for each album cycle, fans are speculating that new music might be in the works.

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